Double Din Head unit for iPhone

If we talk about the different stereos and head units, then definitely we will attach all our experience to the vehicle we will see that the most of our confrontations for the head units are with the car only. The music is an essential part of the car as people just love to drive, whether it is long or short but with the music. At this point, the quality of music produced by the stereo is also very important.

Today with the lots of stereo heads at a place the owner of the cars who are music lovers can have the combinations at the place which were just dreams once. And with the launch of pioneer double din head unit is just like a dream come true for the music lovers. In this article going forward, we will first discuss what is the double pin stereo unit.

What is Double pin head Unit for iPhones?


  1. If we start with the stereo head, then it is a kind of unit that produces the user’s choice of music and is mounted and is a kind of centerpieces that is installed in dashboard between the driver and the passenger’s seat. A stereo head can be used for making the use of various fancier items like the traditional ones the CDs and radio to the Bluetooth head units and Wi-Fi hotspots.maxresdefault-1
  1. If we discuss the stereo units, according to the international standards, then we will see the stereo have only a difference in sizes. According to the sizes of the stereo installed the single Din is comprised of 7 inches by 2 inches in height or 180 *50 mm. When it comes the time of second Din then it has the measurements of 180 mm wide like single Din but it was 4mm taller or 100 mm, which was double the size of single Din, so here it derives its name. Today Double Din stereo units are the most installed stereo in the cars and the one of the best part is that you can even connect them to your iPhones too.

Feature of Double din head Unit

  1. Depending on what you want your double pin stereo head to perform it can result in different actions Double pin Bluetooth or navigation, in dash DVD playback and most importantly the various touch screen applications that can help you in driving through the roads too.
  1. With all the big brands at a place, you can easily choose between Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer etc. for the stereos in the cars. But definitely choosing between the models will be tough, but you can definitely choose as per your preference.


  1. From the owners view a bit of homework is required for selection of the best stereo systems and the installation, as aftermarket research you will find you can easily install them with the total of half the expenses you thought about.


  1. Having the right stereo unit can save you from lots of headaches about the music, you can check the seller online and several options with the local market dealer. The best double din head unitcan be installed in some cars, but for others, you need to invest some extra money. So, start connecting your mobile phones to enjoy the music at its best.



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